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Our Own Story

In midst of the hustle and bustle of family, work and pursuing all the many activities and interests that tend to fill our lives, we wanted to pause for a moment to focus on the meaning of it all and on what is really most important.

Before Kim and I met, we each had a remarkable experience of coming to understand how much God loved us and wanted us to know Him personally. Each of us came to understand that we needed to receive what God was offering to us - His free gift of eternal life through the forgiveness that Jesus made possible.

If you are interested in investigating the person and claims of Christ or if you desire to strengthen your Christian faith, we have provided links to some helpful websites we have found.

Our work.

Our family.


First Steps - Links to help you

Who is JESUS?

Explore Essential Questions about Life and God (College Students)

Connecting with GOD (Teens)

Every Arab Student

Knowing Christ Personally (College Students)

Need Help Finding God? (Middle School/High School)

Seeking Spiritual Truth (Professionals)

The Birth of Jesus Christ

The Da Vinci Code - Separating Fact From Fiction


Continuing On - Links to help you

Resources for Spiritual Growth

This Morning's Devotional - Charles Spurgeon

This Evening's Devotional - Charles Spurgeon

Today's Promise - Bill Bright

Evangelism Toolbox

Campus Crusade for Christ - USA

Campus Crusade for Christ - Canada

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