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Our 2005 Nativity Play Video using the pre-recorded soundtrack and narator.(2.65 MB WMF format)

2007 Nativity Play performed at a church using live speakers and live narator.(34.6MB Flash format)

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2005 Nativity Play Program (pdf format)

Lighting Design

Building the Manger

Shopping list of materials needed for construction

Cutting PVC Pipe for Backdrop Frame

What is this Nativity Thing all about?

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  WHAT CAN YOU DO with PVC pipe and canvas? Or electrical cords, outlets, dimmer switches, and spotlights? How about a boom box, a garage sale amplifier, and some big speakers that you made in high school? Now add in yards and yards of colorful cloth and ribbon.  
  These are some of the items that we used to make scenery, lighting, and a sound system to present a Nativity play in our neighborhood. Back in September I thought that it would be great to make our own costumes, sets, and electrical equipment. Three months seemed like plenty of time to complete this project, but time passed and a busy schedule meant that little had been done up until a week before the scheduled date for the play. John and I spent many long hours making things for this production. Some friends helped build the scenery out of PVC pipe and canvas but we couldn�t locate any artist who was willing to paint the two 7� by 5� pieces of canvas. That left the job up to John and I. John joked that most people do their first painting on a much smaller piece of canvas. We were pleasantly surprised that our painting turned out looking OK. John and the kids also commented that they had never seen me spend so much time on the sewing machine (making costumes for little angels, shepherds, etc.)  
  On the day that we planned to have the performance it was rainy so we postponed the play. (Actually I was so exhausted that night from the preparations that I didn�t feel like doing the play at all.) We rescheduled for a Monday evening and I was rested and eager to present the production with neighborhood kids and children from our church. Several families from our subdivision came to watch. One man wondered why we had done all of this work. I explained that our family liked to remember that Christmas is about Jesus and not just about presents and trees. He said, �Most people do that inside of their own homes.� I told him that we liked to remind other people that Christmas is about Jesus.  
  I walked up to another lady and asked her if she lived in the neighborhood. She said, �No, I was just driving by and saw the lights and I stopped to see what was happening.� I was surprised by her answer because we live at the end of a cul-de-sac! She and her child stayed to watch the play.  
  The play gave us an opportunity to meet and interact with some of our neighbors. The presentation and our program gave them a chance to be exposed to the gospel. We pray that God will use that message to touch their hearts.  
  With all of our hard work preparing for this year we are now well equipped and ready to do a play next year in our neighborhood. We are also hoping that other people will want to use the set-up to do a similar activity in their own neighborhood. In case you�d like to try this yourself, John has put some of the construction plans on our web site. You'll also find a copy of the Program we gave out to our neighbors.  
  We pray this will be a blessing to you!
Kim and John

If you find this HELPFUL, please LET US KNOW! We'd like to hear how your own Nativity Play goes. Thanks
Note: some of the photos above were taken at an earlier Nativity play using a different set and props.