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LaGrange Cemetery

LaGrange Cemetery
LaGrange/Titusville, Florida

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The community of LaGrange is located in Brevard County Florida, east of Orlando. The LaGrange church and cemetery are located at 1575 Old Dixie Highway, 3 miles north of Titusville, just north of Dairy Road See this MAP.


Various Kyzer, Nicholson, Somerset (and other) relatives are buried in this cemetery including Cecil Wallace Nicholson (Sr.) my grandfather.


North Brevard Historical MuseumI visited Titusville/LaGrange on Thursday 13 Oct 2005. My first stop was the North Brevard Historical Museum in Titusville. Many thanks to the friendly and helpful people I met there including Roz, Rose, Charlotte and Sammy. They provided much information about family history and also directed me to the exact locatons of various family graves at the cemetery. It turned out that Sammy was a distant relative and remembered playing with my dad whey they were kids.

See the Links below for copies of the cemetery grave location maps.


LaGrange church and cemetery

North Brevard Historical Museum

Map of Titusville/LaGrange/Mims Area

Locations of Graves:

LaGrange Cemetery - Graves in Section A (jpg)
LaGrange Cemetery - Graves in Section B (jpg)
LaGrange Cemetery - Graves in Section C (jpg)


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I tried spot gravestones that seemed to be related to family history. I took photographs of these gravestones.

Some of my photographs may appear distorted. I have not yet sorted out a remedy for this. The originals are all fine but the problem occurs when the images are viewed or downloaded online.


A listing of some of the gravestones found at the LaGrange Cemetery. John Nicholson, 113 Oct 2005 trip.

(I am still working on this list)

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