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Rupp Cemetery

Rupp Cemetery
Whitehouse, Ohio

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Whitehouse is located in Lucas County in north western Ohio near Toledo. The Rupp Cemetery located on the corner of Cemetery Road and Weckerly Road. See the maps below. On the map it is labled "Waterville Township Cemetery."


Several relatives are buried in this cemetery including Bradley's and Farrington's. See list below.


After tramping around Whitehouse Cemetery I decided to take a break and get some lunch. I drove north on Cemetery road to Weckerly Road and there, on the right hand side, I spotted a small cemetery surrounded by a chain link fence. When I turned right onto Weckerly I saw the name "Rupp Cemetery" on a wooden sign.

I ate at a Subway in a little strip mall on the corner of Weckerly and Finzel Roads and later went back to have a closer look at this cemetery. The back portion of the mall parking lot adjoins the cemetery so this was a good place to leave the car. Several gates in the fence were chained and locked but I found an open gate at the north west corner.

Almost immediatly I spotted the name "Farrington" on one large gravestone. Later I found several Bradley graves including one small stone marked "Dr E. Bradley, 1828-1909" - my 2nd great grandfather. I took photographs of these gravestones and, in some cases, I took multiple photographs in an attempt to record indistinct engraving. I have also included close cropped views of some gravestones.

In November 2005 I returned to this cemetery armed with crayons and large sheets of white paper. Making "Rubbings" on the worn surfaces revealed more details. These details are mostly not visible in the photos but I'll include the information in the table below.

You may notice some images distorted or only partially appearing. I have not yet sorted out a remedy for this. The originals are all fine but the problem occurs when the images are viewed or downloaded online.


Whitehouse Historical Society


Click this link to view the photos


Some graves found at the Rupp Cemetery. (John Nicholson, Sept & Nov 2005 visits.)

Click HERE to download list in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


Scanned from the 1997 Lucas County Ohio Highway Map

Whitehouse Map


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