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Whitehouse Cemetery

Whitehouse Cemetery
Whitehouse, Ohio

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Whitehouse is located in Lucas County in north western Ohio near Toledo. The Whitehouse Cemetery located on Cemetery Road just north of route 64. See the maps below.


Many ancestors are buried in this cemetery including my great grandparents, A. J. and Clara Bradley and my 2nd great grandparents Ezra and Lucinda Grimes. See list below.


I wandered around this large cemetery on a rainy Saturday in Sept 2005. Without any list or map I tried spot gravestones that seemed to be related to family history. I took photographs of these gravestones and, in some cases, I took multiple photographs in an attempt to record indistinct engraving. I have also included close cropped views of some gravestones.

You may notice some images distorted or only partially appearing. I have not yet sorted out a remedy for this. The originals are all fine but the problem occurs when the images are viewed or downloaded online.


Whitehouse Historical Society


Click this link to view the photos


Some graves found at the Whitehouse Cemetery. (John Nicholson, Sept 2005 visit.)

Click HERE to download list in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


Scanned from the 1997 Lucas County Ohio Highway Map

Whitehouse Map


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