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  Unidentified Daguerreotype
Mystery Solved! See Below.

  daguerreotype in frame  

I found this photo - I believe it is a Daguerreotype - in with a batch of photos from my parent's house. There was no name or other identification on the image. I showed it to my dad but he did not know anything about it. Mom might have known who this couple was but she is now with the Lord.

I understand that Daguerreotypes were produced from about 1840 to 1865. The couple pictured in this one look like they'd already been around for a while when the picture was made. Maybe they were born around 1800 more or less?

See the enhanced image BELOW

If you have any leads on the identity of these people I would appreciate hearing from you! Thanks.

John Nicholson

MYSTERY SOLVED! 2005/08/29

I don't know why I didn't spot this earlier. A few days ago I was looking through " EBER BRADLEY (1761-1841) AND SOME RELATIVES" and I spotted a very familiar looking photograph on page 74 - the very same couple that appear in my mystery photo. This is Eli Judson Bradley and his wife Sarah "Sally" (Cooley) Bradley - my great-great-great-grandparents.

They are dressed in the same clothes and seated in almost the exact same pose. I assume the Daguerreotype process only produced one image at a time so they sat the same day for several photos to be taken. This one is very slightly different than the one in the book.

  Enhanced image