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Music of the Period

Battle Hymn of the Republic
Bonnie Blue Flag
Darling Nelly Gray
Dear Evelina, Sweet Evelina
The Girl I left Behind me
Sword of Bunker Hill
Tenting Tonight
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

Summary of Conflict
(From Wikipedia)

The American Civil War was fought in the United States from 1861 until 1865 between the United States – forces coming mostly from the 23 northern states of the Union – and the newly-formed Confederate States of America, which consisted of 11 southern states that had declared their secession. There were various names used to describe the war itself, its combatants, armies, and battles.

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Grant and Lee
Those Who Served in the

Civil War

Robert Marshall Dixon 1825-1862

Josiah Farrington 1827-1895
14th Regiment, Ohio Infantry

Jasper James Nicholson 1843-1887
Company "F", Georgia 46th Infantry Regiment

William Franklin Nicholson 1845-1864
Killed in battle near Atlanta

Wade Hampton Raulerson 1838-1906
Starke’s Company, later Company "H", Florida 5th Cavalry Battalion

Calvin N. Ribble 1852-?
Company "M", 1st Regiment, New York Light Artillery

Henry M. Bradley
Co. B, 10th Reg., Vermont Volunteers

John Wesley Bradley
128th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Roscious Bradley
128th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Unknown soldiers
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