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Down Home Caesars - American Kyzers

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"I never met my great grandfather. I wish I had. More than that, I wish I could go back now and just talk with him awhile. When I was very young, I can well remember lying on the floor of an old wooden house and listening to my parents and other relatives talk about my ancestors. I wasn't very interested then. Now that I am interested, I have no one to talk to me about them."

    (From the Foreword to "Down Home Caesars" by Marion "Walt" Kyzer)

Walt Kyzer is my 2nd cousin once removed. I learned about him almost by accident as I began to search out my own Kyzer roots in the Spring of 2005. He has written several other books, including a book of Family Devotions. Walt has been a professional musician, career military officer and mechanical and optical engineer. Walt and his wife Betsy are active members of their church and have been involved in various missions projects in many states and foreign countries. - John Nicholson

Copies of "Down Home Caesars" are available from Walt by mail. Send $10.00 each to:

Marion "Walt" Kyzer
11615 S. W. 107th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33176-4057

(305) 232-0362

e-mail: waltkyzer@aol.com
(Be sure to mention "Kyzer Book" in the subject line. Otherwise your e-mail may be deleted unread)