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Eber Bradley
and Some Relatives

by Myron Bradley

"In the summer of 1932, my father, Fred Bradley, and I were visiting his father, A.J. Bradley, In Whitehouse, Ohio. Walking through the barn, grandfather noticed a cardboard box full of family papers, leafed into a few of them, and asked if I wanted them. Not really interested, at sixteen, but thoroughly drilled in politeness to my elders, I said yes and thank you." (from the preface)

This little book, written my Myron Bradley in 1977, is a fascinating and valuable source of information about the Bradley family of Guilford CT, Chittenden VT, Whitehouse OH and other areas. It is full of interesting facts and colorful quotes from early letters and diaries. Sources have been carefully documented by the author.

Unfortunately, only 150 copies of the book were ever printed so it has been unavailable to most researchers.

Copy #7 of 150 (originally belonging to my grandmother, Helen Margurite RIBBLE Bradley) is currently in my possession. I have scanned it and converted it to text using Optical Character Recognition*.

This electronic version is available here to the internet community and all those investigating their Bradley roots and heritage.

John T. Nicholson, May 2005

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*The Optical Character Recognition or OCR process is imperfect and introduces errors into the text. I corrected quite a few errors but, still, every time I look at the text I find more! Sorry I cannot guarentee the accuracy but I will continue to update and correct the files.