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Early Whitehouse History

By A. J. Bradley
Published by Phillips Printing Co., Whitehouse, OH

"In my 77 years of a happy life time, mostly spent about Whitehouse and vicinity, I certainly have had and heard of some very interesting experiences, interesting to me and possibly to others. However I hesitate to try to express myself for publication as I don't quite feel up to it, but have made up my mind to put on an extra crust, do my best on a subject that has always been very dear to my heart, "Old Whitehouse." (from chapter one)

Albert Josiah Bradley

A. J. Bradley, 1859-1940
This small book was written by Albert Josiah Bradley, my great grandfather, and published in 1937. It may have been a compilation from a series of articles published in a local newspaper. The author recalls many events from early Whitehouse, both those that he himself witnessed and those related by others. The book includes a rich list of names of many of the early residents. To my knowlege, this publication has not been previously available on the internet and I suspect that there are not many of the original copies still in existance.

The copy in my possession belonged to my grandmother, Helen M. (Ribble) Bradley, daughter-in-law of A. J. Bradley. She had made small handwritten notes on many of the pages. I scanned this copy and converted it to text using Optical Character Recognition*. This electronic version is available here to the internet community and all those investigating their Whitehouse roots and heritage.

John T. Nicholson, December 2005

Click here to open EARLY WHITEHOUSE HISTORY (pdf version)

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*The Optical Character Recognition or OCR process is imperfect and introduces errors into the text. I corrected quite a few errors but, still, every time I look at the text I find more! Sorry I cannot guarentee the accuracy but I will continue to update and correct the files.