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Harley E. Bradley
A granddaughter recalls his 80th birthday.
By Rosalie Tennison
Harley Bradley 80th Birthday

Harley E. Bradley on his 80th birthday,
Sept 25, 1972


"...As for my grandfather's head stands.... he was quite proud of that ability. You can imagine that very few people could do such a thing where we lived and none of his family could stand on their heads (I never could). I think my brother could, but it isn't a skill that was considered very useful on a farm so I guess no one bothered. Grandpa would alway show off his abilty when asked; it was a novelty. He'd had some head and neck injuries and my mother and aunt thought he should cease and disist with this nonense. However, he always said he wouldn't be old until he couldn't stand on his head anymore. As his 80th birthday approached he made it be known that he was going to stand on his head.

His daughters protested, but at his birthday party he went out on the lawn and stood on his head. My mother made him do it a second time so she could get his photo!!!"

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