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On Friday evening March 7, 1884, a theatrical production, INGOMAR THE BARBARIAN was staged at the Old Church in Whitehouse Ohio. A professional actor, Mr G. D. Harrington of Indiana, was in charge of the drama and he also played one of the principal parts. The other actors were local Whitehouse men and women. Among them, A. J. Bradley, my great grandfather.

My grandmother, Helen RIBBLE Bradley, had one of the playbills from the event, She kept it mounted behind glass in a sturdy wooden frame and hanging on a wall in her house. I recall many times when I visited her I would look at this document, read its words and wonder what it must have been like for the actors as they prepared and rehersed, wishing somehow I could have been there on that night in March 1884 to watch the performance.

The playbill is now in the possession of my sister. Recently, we carefully temporarily removed it from its frame so we could scan it at high resolution.

Click on the link below to load a jpg image of the playbill.

INGOMAR THE BARBARIAN (512 Kb this page will load slowly)

The "Caste" included:

E. W. Rakestraw
E. G. Burnett
G. D. Harrington
J. M. Hall
H. A. Jones
John Pray
Monroe Jones
G. W. Norris
A. J. Bradley
Arch Pray
C. C. Rakestraw
L. W. Goodman
B. A. Butler
H. D. Hall
Miss Cora Hall
Miss Clara Norris
Miss Lizzie Keeler