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Stewart Family History

By Miss Nellie Stewart
Recorded February 1912

"I will commence my Family Tree that I have been working on for so long. I will commence with my Fatherís side of the Tree. I wish I could go back to my Great Great Grandfather and Mother, and tell how old they were and what part of Scotland they came from, but I can go no farther back than my Great Grandfather and Mother.

On the paternal side, his name was James Stewart...He was in the line of General Daniel Stewart. He married Miss Elizabeth Bates in Scotland about 1779 or 1780. There was born to them three known children. The eldest was my Grandfather, James Bates Stewart. Second was Henry Stewart and the third was Elizabeth Stewart..."

(Quoted from the opening paragraphs)

"Old Exchange Packing House"
Geneva Florida

Wade Raulerson - front row, third from left
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This family history was written by Miss Nellie Stewart in 1912. The homey, personal style of writing makes for an interesting read and Miss Stewart relates many personal stories and anecdotes which give a picture of the lives the her family.

My thanks to Judy Kroker for sending me a copy of these documents. I came into contact with Judy in the course of researching my own RAULERSON ancestors and she provided much useful information. The Wade Hampton Raulerson mentioned in Nellie Stewart's writings is my 2nd great grandfather.

To my knowledge, this family history is not available elsewhere on the internet

John T. Nicholson, March 3006

Download the NELLIE STEWART FAMILY HISTORY (pdf format)




You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents.

Thanks to Mary Jo Martin and the Geneva Historical and Genealogical Society for providing the photo above of the "Old Packing House" as well as the following photo of the "Buda School".

See the key below for names of the people in this photo.

The following is a photo of my great grandmother, Mary Sevenah (Raulerson) Nicholson, daughter of Wade Hampton Raulerson. Photo taken in 1979 on her 100th birthday! She died in August 1984 at age 105.

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